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23 May

The humane workplace

By Sandy Wilkie, Engage for Success, Thought & Action Steering Group.


Of course, we’d like to think that the Orwellian vision of repressed and repetitive workplaces have, like William Blake’s dark, satanic mills of the early 19th Century, passed into history. But have they really? Read More

12 Apr

Wanted: Creativity and empathy hubs

By Dr Chris Steed, Southampton University.

Recently at a Future Foundations Global Social Leaders conference I met some amazing students from an amazing school.

The future of education is being reshaped in schools like The Studio in Liverpool. Its aim is preparing students for the future of work in a digital age. Read More

17 Mar

The ‘human factor’ in business

By Bridget Morris, Executive Director, The Rowntree Society.

Did you know that KitKat used to have a blue wrapper, was first called Chocolate Crisp, or is Japan’s No. 1 selling chocolate bar? And did you know that KitKat was created by a founding member of the CIPD — Benjamin Seebohm Rowntree? Read More

16 Mar

Can capitalism be saved to better the world?

By Jim Bignal, Triple Purpose Campaign.

Capitalism is at a crossroads, with a growing perception that business is failing its obligations to society. Excessive executive pay, abuse of zero-hour contracts, tax evasion, outsourcing to the lowest bidder, mistreatment of staff and mis-selling all cast a negative Read More

20 Feb

Intelligent robots still not the real thing

By Para Mullan, Senior Project & Business Relationship Manager, CIPD.

It is not that surprising that we read about fears of machines replacing humans. Change is usually unpredictable and we do not like change very much. Read More

20 Jan

A model for work that works (Part 2)

By Paul Simpson, Work.

The traditional mode of work has had its day. Blame robots, short-term capitalism and the gig economy. Following on from “A model for work that works (Part 1)”, we continue to unpack the need to invent a new model that is good for society, business and us. Read More

16 Jan

Technology, the world of work and humans

By Para Mullan, Senior Project & Business Relationship Manager, CIPD.

Automation is a hot topic all over the world. For example, last week I listened to a Radio Four podcast on ‘Work’. It explained how Singapore is a small island where people are growing old and the fertility rate is low. Immigration is thought to be problematic as ‘outsiders’ could cause too many social issues. So instead robots are being welcomed with open arms. Read More

13 Jan

Can we have a voice in the corporate world?

By Céline Schillinger, Head, Quality Innovation & Engagement, Sanofi Pasteur.

Not everyone wants to speak at work. Most people in fact, stay silent. Of course, they don’t necessarily see it this way — they’re busy working, meeting co-workers, suppliers and clients, delivering on projects. Naturally, these activities require them to talk. But what about speaking up? Speaking their mind about processes that aren’t fit for purpose, that are hindrance rather than help? Read More

11 Jan

A model for work that works (Part 1)

By Paul Simpson, Work.

“I work in a factory, eight hours a day, five days a week. I’m the exception to the rule that life can’t live in a vacuum. Work to me is a void, and I begrudge every minute of my time it takes. Writing about work, I become bitter, bloody-minded and self-pitying. I can’t tell you much about my job because it would be misleading to try to make something out of nothing.” Read More

04 Jan

Digital change will transform society

Q&A with Ryan Avent, Senior Editor, The Economist

The digital revolution, like the industrial revolution before it, will unleash massive social upheaval, warns Ryan Avent in his new book, The Wealth of Humans. In it, he describes how automation and globalisation have already produced a glut of labour. This has depressed wages, raised inequality and fuelled fear of immigration, says Avent, pointing out that worse is to come unless we find ways of redistributing the fruits of this revolution. Read More