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30 Nov

What can we learn from corporate longevity?

By Jane Simms, Work.

‘Google is not a conventional company,’ pointed out Larry Page and Sergey Brin in the opening line of their 2004 IPO letter. The message was intended for potential shareholders, but maybe it should have been seen as a warning for the hordes of businesses that try to emulate it, forgetting one vital detail: Google is rich. In April 2017, its parent company Alphabet’s market cap surpassed the $600bn mark for the first time. Read More

06 Nov

Dangers of a human future of work

By David Jackson, Future of Work thinker/speaker/writer.

The erstwhile counter-intuitive idea that the rise of the machines will enable a renewed valuing of what it is to be human, has been helpful as we think about the future of work. Rather than simply operating as ‘inefficient robots’ we can celebrate what it is about us that is not automated or possible to replicate with an algorithm. Read More

03 Nov

What makes the future work in the Midlands?

By Eve Harris and Becky Holloway, Jericho Chambers.

Many would agree workplaces should be organised around people, but on a practical level, a ‘human’ future of work depends on issues specific to where individuals work and live.  Read More

27 Sep

Robot future prompts us to rediscover what it is to be human

By Indy Johar, Co-founder, Dark Matter Laboratories.

We may not know it yet, but we face a tipping point in our development as a society, and the role of human capital in our economy. In short, we must choose between a civilization that takes a few to the stars, and one that takes the many. Read More

14 Aug

Is it ‘engagement’ or simply good management practice?

By Claire Warren, Editor, Work.

Being all in it together is intrinsic to employee engagement. But in an age of individualism, should we measure workplace satisfaction differently? Read More

21 Jul

Peter Drucker: the social and human value of work

By Paul Simpson, Consultant Editor, Work.

‘The decision about people is the only crucial one.’ That’s what Alfred Sloan, the presiding genius of General Motors (GM), told Peter Drucker when the then nascent management guru had queried why a top committee had spent four hours discussing the assignment of a mechanic. Sloan explained Read More

12 Jul

Good work and a process of renewal

By Robert Phillips, Co-Founder, Jericho Chambers.

My friend and colleague at Jericho Chambers, Neal Lawson, having inspired the Progressive Alliance at the 2017 General Election, isn’t giving up on politics but is turning his attention to business’s capacity for transformative change. Neal’s point is that politics is not the only agency for change — corporations, not just politicians, must fill the vacuum of leadership. Read More

23 May

The humane workplace

By Sandy Wilkie, Engage for Success, Thought & Action Steering Group.


Of course, we’d like to think that the Orwellian vision of repressed and repetitive workplaces have, like William Blake’s dark, satanic mills of the early 19th Century, passed into history. But have they really? Read More

12 Apr

Wanted: Creativity and empathy hubs

By Dr Chris Steed, Southampton University.

Recently at a Future Foundations Global Social Leaders conference I met some amazing students from an amazing school.

The future of education is being reshaped in schools like The Studio in Liverpool. Its aim is preparing students for the future of work in a digital age. Read More

17 Mar

The ‘human factor’ in business

By Bridget Morris, Executive Director, The Rowntree Society.

Did you know that KitKat used to have a blue wrapper, was first called Chocolate Crisp, or is Japan’s No. 1 selling chocolate bar? And did you know that KitKat was created by a founding member of the CIPD — Benjamin Seebohm Rowntree? Read More