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12 Apr

Wanted: Creativity and empathy hubs

By Dr Chris Steed, Southampton University.

Recently at a Future Foundations Global Social Leaders conference I met some amazing students from an amazing school.

The future of education is being reshaped in schools like The Studio in Liverpool. Its aim is preparing students for the future of work in a digital age. Read More

23 Mar

Making the Future of Work Human — The Role of Social Action


The Role of Social Action

This is a unique workshop to co-create practical social action that puts people back into the heart of work and business.

One of the major themes to emerge from this community’s Big Tent event last October was the importance of connection and interaction between different people and communities, which not only helps with social cohesion and access to opportunities but also develops and enriches individuals, ultimately adding value to organisations and society. Social action, such as through volunteering and campaigning, can help turn these goals into reality.

The strong desire to move on from words into real action has been made clear, and this event will be the next step in shaping a social action movement that will help us all as individuals to take practical and much needed on-the-ground action.

The CIPD proudly runs a number of large-scale volunteering programmes (see Steps Ahead Mentoring and Enterprise Advisers). By bringing together the Future of Work is Human community with these volunteers, we hope to harness a collaborative power that will truly transform our communities and the wider world of work.

This is a great opportunity to help shape the future, catch up on insights, hear from challenging speakers as well as network with like-minded activists.

There are only a limited number of places so please register below or contact Vicky Dmochowski by Monday, 10 April to book your place.

Date: Thursday, 27 April 2017

Time: 09:00-13:00

Place: Wallacespace, 18 Clerkenwell Green, London EC1R 0DP

19 Dec

Key to navigating an uncertain future

By Peter Cheese, CEO, CIPD.

Is the future shaping up the way we want?

The world of work is changing at an exponential pace. Increasing globalisation, rapid advances in technology, corporate scandals, political and economic disruptions are just some of the factors contributing to a complex and unstable environment.  Read More

04 Nov

Snapshots from the Big Tent

The Big Tent on October 12 saw some stirring challenges from both the stage and floor about what is needed to create a future of work that is truly human. The way we structure education and equip people for work, the need to connect with communities and meaningful diversity Read More

07 Oct

WikiWorkLab: Gen Z in their own words

By Eve Harris, Associate, Jericho Chambers.

Working alongside MPs, business leaders and the HR community, 24 individuals (aged 15–21) took part in the WikiWorkLab work collaboration programme, created by Jericho Chambers and the CIPD, in July and August 2016. Participating in discussions, book clubs and research trips they shared their views on how we can shape a better future of work. Read More

07 Oct

Gen Z on the future of work — the WikiWorkLab

By Eve Harris, Associate, Jericho Chambers.

Taking place in July and August 2016, the WikiWorkLab was a work collaboration programme created by Jericho Chambers and the CIPD. As well as providing work experience for young people centred around active outputs (rather than delivering tea and coffee), the ultimate aim of the WikiWorkLab was to enrich the future of work debate with voices representing Gen Z. Read More

08 Aug

Your services are no longer required (Part 2)

By John Gapper, Work.

The real skills crisis we are facing is how we keep ours relevant as we live longer and robots get smarter. What adjustments do we need to make when our traditional educational paradigms and job designs no longer appear feasible? We examine some ideas in this conclusion to “Your services are no longer required (Part 1)“. Read More

01 Aug

Your services are no longer required (Part 1)

By John Gapper, Work.

On 9 March 2016, an event occurred with profound implications for game-playing, leisure and the future of employment in the 21st century. Lee Sedol, the South Korean world champion of Go, an ancient Chinese two-player strategy board game, resigned after 186 moves in his first match against AlphaGo, a computer program created by DeepMind, the UK-based artificial intelligence (AI) start-up owned by Google. Read More

30 Jun

Culture of questions creates better leaders

Q&A with Gianpiero Petriglieri, Associate Professor, INSEAD.

Reducing leadership to a set of skills is fueling a growing disconnect between leaders and followers, says psychiatrist turned management thinker Gianpiero Petriglieri. The associate professor of organisational behaviour at INSEAD, and co-author of an Academy of Management award-winning study of how MBA students learn, argues that educators need to put questions about the meaning of leadership at the heart of their work. Read More

10 Jun

Why we should all be craftsmen now

By Kirstie Donnelly, Managing Director, City & Guilds.

Thanks to my friends Professor Bill Lucas and Dr Ellen Spencer at the Centre for Real-World Learning, I’ve been thinking a lot recently about craftsmanship. At first glance, it doesn’t seem to be a word that’s very relevant to modern society, conjuring up images of master builders and people (always men) hammering away at pieces of metal or wood. Read More